At Weedmasters we are extremely versatile and willing to quote any works that we are capable of fulfilling. Services we regularly provide include:

  • Hi-Rail on track spraying.
  • Slashing and whipper snipping.
  • Noxious weed identification and spraying.
  • Complete kill spraying.
  • Vegetation control management.
  • Fire Breaks slashing and spraying.
  • Safeworking / Protection Officer/Track Force Protection Coordinator services.
  • Tree lopping / trimming & removal.
  • Tree chipping / mulching or stacking.
  • Rubbish removal.
  • Rural fencing erection and removal.
  • Commercial & industrial fencing installation.
  • Non destructive digging and service locating.
  • Pick up, delivery and spreading of mulch.
  • Replanting vegetation.
  • Drainage works.
  • Culvert cleaning and renewal.
  • Compliant management of herbicides.
  • Feral animal control.
  • Cleaning and repair of graffiti and or vandalised property.
  • Regeneration and rehabilitation of vegetation.
  • Temporary fencing and facility hire / installation.
  • Stump grinding.
  • Track vehicle/machine operators.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Compliant signage installation.